Family cats

DK Feldborg´s Heimdal

MCO w61

Born : 20/12-2017

Mother: DK Sivkjær´s Franciona McKinney

MCO w61

Father: DK Zioncoon´s Limba


29. September 2023

One of the worst things as an animal owner is having to say goodbye to our beloved animal.
Even worse is when for some reason, all of a sudden, without any warning, they just die. Finding your cat/animal lying dead. It's terrible.

That's what happened today.

My beloved Heimdal just lay there sleeping. He just won't wake up again.
You were called home far too early. My own Healer, you were always on my lap when you could feel I needed it. You have never been wrong. There is a reason for everything, even if it is a little hard to see right now, I am sure there is a higher plan for you.

You were the one who took in new cats, you never looked out for another cat. You were a play uncle to the kittens, you gave them hugs, especially when the mother refused to pat them, so they could always come and be washed and hide in your HUGE long fur.

EVERYONE who met you wanted to take you home, you were loved by many.

My beloved Heimdal, I will miss you so much and your deep rumble

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