Welcome to DK- Feldborg 's Maine coon .


My name is Tina . I am married to Frans. We have 4 beautiful children. Michaella , Patrick, Zean and Lucas. I am retired due to Fibromyalgia , which was a big blow to get over . But I had to make the best of it. And I must say that I now live out my dream.


I am a very calm and relaxed girl , I take things as they come . The most important thing for me is that all is well. Children, husband and our animals. Frans believes he comes in 3rd row. Sometimes it might be true.


I have since I was a little girl is dragged one animal home after another that I found. I bottled fed everything from kittens to pigs. We live on a small property they in the middle of Jutland and has lived here since September, 1995.     

Here I have since 2004 helped distressed animals.   

In 2017, I got my permission for my own animal protection.  


I've had cats since 1994 and in 2006 I got my Breeder 's name.

I am a member of DARAK


In 2021 Frans got elected to the board of DARAK and in 2022 he was elected to Vice-Chairman


And in 2023 he took over the Chairman post

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